Welcome to For the Record, your unfiltered view on current trends and timeless advice for surviving in the Aesthetic industry. Whether you’re an injector, practice owner, sales rep or marketer, it’s time to set the record straight! Each week we showcase disruptive thinkers, industry innovators, and the skillful masterminds driving aesthetic, wellness and functional medicine forward. For the Record is hosted by Dr. Tiphany Hall, Chief Growth Officer at Aesthetic Record & Co-Director of Aesthetic Next.

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  • Episode 1: Red Pill. Blue Pill.

    with Steven Sorr, NMD

    In this episode, Tiphany sits down with regenerative and functional medicine expert and Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Steven Sorr. Dr. Sorr is the founder of Source of Health in Scottsdale, AZ where he’s built a thriving clinic that helps patients on their journey to “live better, move better, heal better and look better.”

    Dr. Sorr explains his treatment philosophy which includes a discovery visit to understand the diverse needs of the patient. As a Naturopathic Physician, he’s committed to treating the whole patient. As a result, he uses the “red pill, blue pill” approach. Do you want to be a victim..

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    Episode 2: Surviving at Scale

    with Justin Harper, MD

    Episode Two of For the Record is all about Scale! During this episode, Tiphany is joined by Juvly Aesthetics Founder & CEO, Dr. Justin Harper to discuss the lessons he’s learned in scaling Juvly Aesthetics from a single location in Columbus, OH to multiple practices across 5 states.

    We’ll also tackle his perspective on how COVID was a blessing in disguise for right-sizing practices, curtailing expenses, and fixes processes that had disproportionately grown as a result of scaling so quickly. From hiring and training Providers to leveraging technology to simplify and optimize the patient experience, his approach to disruptive change can often seem controversial…..but he’s survived and thrived at scale, and he’s here to tell us how…

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    Episode 3: Different is Better

    with Kim Welch, RN, CANS

    In this week’s episode, Tiphany is joined by Kim Welch, BSN, RN, CANS. Kim is the Founder of Esperance Aesthetic Wellness in Coppell, TX where she’s built a wildly successful aesthetic wellness center on the foundation of smart business practices, incredible injection talent, and an authentic desire to mentor and invest in others.

    She’s been in nursing for two decades but has spent the last 10 years specializing in Aesthetics. She was one of the first trainers for Medicis, and has since become a top Galderma trainer year after year. She’s respected by…

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    Episode 4: Good Content is King

    with Jared Rohrer

    Tiphany joins Founder & CEO of Really Good Content, Inc, Jared Rohrer, to get the inside, expert scoop on making incredible video, print, messaging and more come to life. If content is king, Jared should forever be known as “His Royal Highness!”

    Jared and his wife Monika started RGC to give the community great content served with a dose of kindness and creativity. Together they tackle web design, training videos, copywriting, event media and production, branding and So. Much. More. We’ve been collaborating with these two for years at AR, and we are better for it!…

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    Episode 5: Confessions of a Culture Keeper

    with  Chrystal Durnan

    In Episode Five, Tiphany sits down with Director of People & Culture at OVME, Chrystal Durnan. Chrystal went from a career in Architecture, in which she holds a Masters Degree, to leading the Talent Acquisition and Culture strategy for national medical spa power player, OVME.

    Chrystal is definitely an architect at heart- except now, she’s building clinics, Providers and managers instead. She’s been at OVME since the very first location. Now with 9 more locations and several set to open in the next year, her passion is to keep the culture alive…

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    Episode 6: Luck, Skill & An Undeniable Will

    with Andre Marshall, MD, MPH. FACS

    In Episode Six, board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Andre Marshall, MD, MPH, FACS shares his personal journey into Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the transition from 11 years post-grad training to working as a Plastic Surgeon and becoming an entrepreneur.

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    Episode 7: Success Favors the Prepared

    with Dr. Ishaan Ramkisson

    In this episode, Success Favors the Prepared features Dr. Ishaan Ramkisson, Board-Certified Dermatologist & Global Expert in Aesthetics.

    Dr. Ramkisson is an international powerhouse. He’s part of the global GAIN faculty for Galderma Aesthetics and has trained injectors on some of the world’s biggest stages. He’s launched a multitude of products in South Africa, and is the voice of authority on aesthetic practices across the country.

    Prior to COVID, he trained in 14 countries over 12 months has traveled around the world, including the US, to give his…

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    Episode 8: A Closed Mouth Does Not Get Fed

    with Yvonne Dellos, MSN, NP-BC

    Yvonne is the CEO and Medical Director of Medical Aesthetic Art Institute where she’s built an industry-leading training platform for Aesthetic Injectors & Medical Directors to get the skills they need to succeed.

    She’s also the founder of the multi-location practice, Aesthetic Co., and will soon be launching the first all-inclusive adverse event management kit in the industry Occlusion RX!

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    Episode 9: Playing it Safe with a Pioneering Spirit

    with Sarah L. Allen, MD

    In Episode Nine, we sit down with Entrepreneur, CEO & COO of The Skin Clique, Sarah L. Allen, MD.

    Dr. Allen is an ambitious visionary in every sense. She is an Internal Medicine Physician by trade, but a curiosity and apprehension to start her own injection treatments led her to a path in Aesthetics. She started The Skin Clique as a single injector with a giant vision and a meticulous attention to detail. Fast forward a few years, and she now runs a MEGA brand! The Skin Clique spans 12 states, 85 Providers, 14 Physicians, and ZERO chance of slowing down.

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    Episode 10: Why Risk It? Protecting Your Wealth in an Unpredictable World

    with Leslie Tracey

    In Episode 10 we sit down with Leslie Tracey, Founder & Principle of Tracey Donavan and Host of Diamond Hands Podcast.

    Leslie is a Risk Management & Insurance expert who specializes in helping business owners in the Aesthetics industry to protect their practices, protect their families and protect their employees when the unexpected strikes. From disability insurance to pension plans to advising on buy/sell agreements, she has a firm grip on mitigating the unforeseen risk that can be catastrophic for a business.

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    Episode 11: You Can’t Build An Empire Without Going All In

    with Amy Birkenstamm, RN, CANS

    In Episode Eleven, we speak with Amy Birkenstamm, RN, CANS – Founder and Clinical Director at Glo Derma in Yardley, PA.

    Amy started Glo Derma after a decade of nursing in the ER with the goal to give everyone the chance to look and feel like their best self. Fast forward from 2017 til now, and she’s built an award-winning medical oasis where her attention to detail has manifested in her branding, her people management, & her strategic growth.

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    Episode 12: Go Big, Go Fast & Go Home

    with Lindsay Hatley, NP

    In Episode Twelve, we sit down with Lindsay Hatley, the CEO & Clinical Director of HUSH Medspa, a Frisco-Based MedSpa that has expanded to five locations in 3 states with more on the way!

    Lindsay came to Aesthetics from a career in Neonatal Nursing and went all in from Day 1! Her personality comes through in this episode- she goes big and she goes fast! After spending time training with the “Who’s Who” of our industry and creating a network of successful practice owner mentors, she’s built a solid business model that is now scaling nationwide- and she shows NO signs of slowing down.

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    Episode 13: Give Value to Get Value

    with Cameron Hemphil

    In Episode 13, we sit down and talk with Cameron Hemphill, CEO of Growth99.

    Cameron joins us to talk all things digital strategy, process and automation, and the keys to building a patient growth and retention ecosystem. His motto is you have to run your practice like a business- seems intuitive, but it’s the small details that get in the way.

    And he should know! Cameron is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and exited several tech companies, and he’s brought that same magic to Growth 99.

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    Episode 14: The Secret Sauce to Business Success

    with Kaeli Lindholm

    In Episode 14, we sit down with Strategic Advisor & Growth Consultant Kaeli Lindholm.

    Kaeli Lindholm has spent the bulk of her career in the medical space, first at Bayer, then found her way to Aesthetics and never looked back!

    Kaeli has seen the industry from every angle- leading sales teams at a device manufacturer, running a practice and launching a private skincare line, and now she and her team at KLC Consulting are helping practice owners to align their mission, vision and values for long term success!

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    Episode 15: Excellence is Non-Negotiable

    with Shuan Patel, MD

    In Episode Fifteen, we sit down and talk with Shaun Patel, MD of Miami Skin & Vein to find out why he keeps excellence as his top priority.

    Shaun Patel, MD is the Founder of Miami Skin & Vein, a clinic he started nearly a decade ago, leaving his Radiology days behind to pursue a career in Aesthetics!

    In the last decade, he’s grown Miami Skin & Vein to top tier volumes across several manufacturers as single injector, and there is no sign of slowing down!

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    Episode 16: Creativity is Not a Competition

    with Jessica Manges, ARNP

    In Episode 16, we sit down and talk with the incredibly talented Jessica Manges, ARNP of LUX Injectables.

    Jessica is the Founder of LUX Injectables, a MedSpa she launched during the pandemic, but finding success where others see impossibility is merely one of her many talents!

    From future Chemical Engineer to hospital RN, yoga master, and now a powerhouse injector, Jessica been doing things differently since…

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    Episode 17: Shaping an Unstoppable Business Mastermind

    with Julie Acarregui, CRNA, MSN, BSN

    In Episode 17, we go one-on-one with Julie Acarregui, CRNA, MSN, BSN to learn what’s shaped her into the unstoppable business mastermind she is today.

    Julie is a retired Officer in the US Army, a CRNA with decades of service under her belt, and in 2007, she turned her talents to Medical Aesthetics.

    She’s the founder of Pure Medical Spa Idaho which has grown to three locations and become a dominant force in the Pacific Northwest.

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    Episode 18: The Skin, Mind, Body Connection

    with Maggie Miley Kelly, LE

    In Episode 18, we explore “The Skin + Mind + Body Connection” with Maggie Miley Kelly, LE.

    Maggie’s career as an Esthetician spans 25 years, and in that time she’s continued to evolve her practice to not only offer high-value, effective treatments but to also incorporate a holistic healing for her patients.

    Before opening Complexions on Carter, Maggie spent many years as an Educator – teaching fellow Estheticians and as a Yoga Instructor.

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    Episode 19: Success is a Balancing Ac

    with Kim Burke, APN, FNP-C

    In Episode 19, we talk with The Chicago Lip Boss, Kim Burke, APN, to find out how she balances life with her practices’ success.

    This business owner, trainer and injection guru takes us on a journey from starting her own practice, pulling back, and then starting back again; eventually opening multiple locations and growing her Kiss Aesthetics brand with balance in mind!

    Kim has successfully scaled, added headcount & created an “in demand” training academy, and built a lifelong clientele just by being her authentic self- it’s truly magnetic.

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    Episode 20: A Lifetime of Leadership

    with with Maria Carell

    For our Season One Finale, we had the pleasure of sitting down LIVE with the brilliant Maria Carell, CEO and President of Revision Skincare & Goodier Cosmetics over Revision’s sponsored lunch at Aesthetic Next 3.0.

    Maria has had a sucessful career including many leadership roles, including CEO, across multiple organizations in healthcare. At the helm of Revision, she’s leaning into her passion for aesthetics, and more specifically, skincare. For Maria, people come first. She’s got an innate knack for building talent and inspiring others to join her in tackling the tough challenges, setting a new course, and driving results.

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  • Episode 21: The Veteran Perspective

    with Grace McLaurin, DMSc, PA-C

    In the first episode of the season, we sit down with a true industry veteran and one of the “OGs” with more than 20 years in Aesthetics, Grace McLaurin, DMSc, PA-C!

    Grace shares her veteran perspective both as an injector & a business owner of two practices, Vitality Anti-Aging Center and Vitality Surgical Center and Aesthetic Consulting & Training.

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    Episode 22: Innovation Meets Opportunity

    with Lexi Yoo, FNP-BC/CPNP

    In this episode, we are joined by Lexi Yoo, FNP-BC/CPNP, a dynamic entrepreneur making a major impact in the world of functional and aesthetic medicine! Lexi founded Yoo Direct Health only three years ago, and she’s been on a whirlwind of explosive growth, a testament to her creative genius and clinical skills.

    When it comes to wellness, she’s completed multiple certifications in functional medicine & trains others on hormone/pellet therapy. This integrative approach to healthcare has been a passion of hers for many years and laid the foundation for long-term success and the retention of clients.

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    Episode 23: Slaying the Financial Dragon

    with Jessica Nunn

    This week, we go one-on-one with the Jessica Nunn, Founder & CEO of Maven Financial. She’s a financial therapist/ guru/ wizard who’s helping med spa owners slay the financial dragon that keeps them up at night!

    This episode is packed with great advice on everything from leveraging debt to managing discounts to growing revenue.

    Jessica also covers how to benchmark your practice according to the KPIs that matter for YOU, and how to make sense of the data and spreadsheets to positively impact your business. She and her team help business owners make big financial decisions (staffing, rent, devices, etc) and stay profitable along the way.

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    Episode 24: Beauty From The Inside

    with Mikaela MacLean, LE

    In this weeks episode, we shine a spiritual light on surviving in Aesthetics. Join us for Episode 24!

    In Beauty From The Inside, Master Aesthetician and Human Design Expert, Mikaela Maclean, LE, shares her own journey of leaving the medical side of Aesthetics to focus on helping Patients, Providers and Practices bring an understanding and appreciation of the human element to the forefront. This episode isn’t a Human Design session – Mikaela MacLean & Dr. Tiphany Hall have already embarked on that spiritual voyage (and it was AWESOME!). Instead, we focus on where Human Design fits in every Provider’s tool belt.

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    Episode 25: Do What You Do Best

    with Rachel Duke, MSN, NP, CANS

    Rachel has been an Aesthetic Nurse for 15 years working in both Plastic Surgery and Dermatology offices until she opened her own clinic at at the height of the pandemic in 2020!

    She credits her success to a constant commitment to learning, something she’s found with a network of colleagues who’ve helped her along on her entrepreneurial journey. She provides a great outline for things you should consider when starting your practice. She transitioned from working “for” someone else to tackling the entrepreneurial journey in fresh off of months of shutdowns and all the chaos that accompanied 2020- a true testament to her courage.

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    Episode 26: Through The Looking Glass

    with Ashley Carmen, FNP-C, CCRN

    Ashley is the Founder of Aiyana Atelier in Northern Virginia where she has quickly carved out her place in a highly competitive market! Not quite a year into her entrepreneurial journey, @botoxandbourbon is spilling the tea on the lessons learned (and still learning!) as a full time nurse injector & business owner. ️

    After spending 10 years in the ICU, she transitioned to Aesthetics, where she’s spent nearly 6 years honing her craft, building a loyal patient following and giving back to other injectors with a mix of business and clinical training. She opened Aiyana Atelier in 2021, and the rest is history!

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    Episode 27: What Lies Beneath

    with David Saadat, MD

    In Episode 27, we sit down with industry icon, triple-board certified facial plastic surgeon and passionate educator, David Saadat, MD. ️

    While he practices in Beverly Hills today, he started from humble beginnings as an Iranian immigrant at the young age of 16. He found a love of learning and a desire to achieve early on which brought him to medical School, and eventually to board certifications in Otolaryngology, Facial Plastic Surgery, and Sleep Medicine.

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    Episode 28: Grace Under Fire

    with Sally Santos, PA-C

    We sit down with the formidable & fabulous, Sally Santos, PA-C, who shares the lessons learned after more than a decade in dermatology with a passion for treating skin conditions who became an Aesthetic Mastermind, in many ways, by accident.

    Her early career was forged in medical dermatology without even a small desire to venture into Aesthetics. But, a 3+ year job with world-renowned injector, Vivian Bucay, MD, changed all that!

    When life moved her to Austin, she teamed up with Daniel Carrasco, MD. Here she found the perfect marriage of aesthetics, dermatology and clinical research.

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    Episode 29: But Wait...There’s More

    with Bryan Lavery, NP1

    When we think about our AR clients who do it all, one name always stands out! Bryan is the Director of Clinical Operations at My Face Lady as well as a Trauma Surgery Nurse Practitioner by day, and he spends a several hours a month in the ER as well.

    One thing Bryan and his two partners at MFL have mastered is strict protocols and processes for managing the day to day. At their size, they have had no choice!

    With over 85 injectors spread across Texas and Louisiana, this concierge medical practice has exploded since it opened 5 years ago. Bryan has learned a lot of lessons by trial and error, especially when it comes to hiring, onboarding and training a massive staff.

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    Episode 30: There’s No Gray Area

    with Irnise Williams, Esq.

    In Episode 30, we sit down with Irnise Williams, Esq. who is making a giant impact in the Aesthetic industry with a fresh take on helping practices to adhere to legal and compliance standards. When we say she is a force of nature, we mean it! Irnise is an out-of-the-box thinker who is combining her intimate knowledge of healthcare from a 13 year nursing career with her passion for educating and training others into a law firm that is making a big difference in the lives of clients.

    Irnise is helping healthcare professionals who have transitioned to business owners make the jump from struggle to stride- something she knows a thing or two about from her own experiences.

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    Episode 31: The TITAN of Aesthetics

    with Mary Beth Hagen

    This week, we shift our focus to new injector preparation, recruiting, candidate screening, continuing education and more with industry veteran, Mary Beth Hagen!

    Mary Beth is the Founder & CEO of recruiting & training powerhouse TITAN Aesthetic & Recruiting. Since founding TITAN in 2017, Mary Beth has been on a mission to fill the gaps in the industry. She’s had first hand experiences with those gaps as she’s served the needs of our industry since 2005! Since then, she’s held roles at Galderma (then Medicis) and Allergan in sales, product management and national account direction. But in 2017, she felt a different calling, and TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting was born!

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    Episode 32: The Cloud Movement

    with Ignacio Fanlo

    This week in Episode 32, we’re heading to the technology stratosphere in The Cloud Movement with My Vansanity Founder & CEO, Ignacio Fanlo. He takes a deep dive into the latest innovation in Medspa ownership: a pay-as-you go model that allows solopreneurs to own their own business, have access to the latest and greatest products and devices, all without the upfront capital investment.

    Iggy comes from a long career spanning investment banking & tech. He was in Silcon Valley during the rise of the internet and the “dot com bubble,” and he’s founded and sold companies to the tech giants along the way! Now, he’s bringing the cloud concept to aesthetics by giving Providers and Practice Owner the chance to use what they need, when they need it, and only pay for their utilization of Vansanity’s resources.

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    Episode 33: From Injector to CEO

    with Sarah Berg, BSN, RN

    Sarah is the Founder & CEO of Bespoke Beauty and Wellness, a role that she’s grown into by diving head first into her entrepreneurial journey.

    Sarah isn’t new to the industry by any stretch. She cut her teeth in Aesthetics like many do- drinking from a firehose! She learned to inject and began her pursuit to deliver exceptional, natural results in a plastic surgery office many years ago.

    Fast forward, and she stepped out on her own in the swing of the pandemic, and Bespoke has experienced explosive growth with her at the helm ever since. It’s no surprise given Sarah’s commitment to give everything she does 110% effort.

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    Episode 34: It’s All About the Journey

    with Gretchen Frieling, MD

    “Dr.G” comes from an extensive background in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology & Dermatology, but 5 years ago, she turned her unique perspective as a skin expert into a wildly successful Aesthetic Practice and secured her spot as an industry leader and educator.

    She’s well known for her innate ability to educate on the pathology of injectables, something she stayed away from early on when marketing her Practice. Fast-forward years later, and she’s constantly asked to lecture on industry podiums, contribute to national magazines, and share her perspective on various media outlets.

    Her expertise as an Injector is closely rivaled by her success as an entrepreneur. From a one-room location at a hair salon to one of the most sought after practices in the Northeast, she’s become a master at branding, exceeding Patient expectations, growing a stellar team, and she’s earned her stripes as a savvy businesswoman.

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    Episode 35: Reprogram Your Mindset

    with Jason Nichol

    In “Reprogram Your Mindset”, Jason shares what it’s like to run a successful Aesthetic Practice in one of the most competitive markets in the US, Austin, TX, with his wife, national trainer, expert injector, CEO and Founder, Brooke Nichol, RN, CANS.

    Together, they’ve been able to pair Jason’s business operations and sales background with Brooke’s passion & expertise for Aesthetics to build a destination Practice for Patients & Providers. Saving Face has grown at an exponential rate, adding a second location, and now moving into a bigger space to accomodate the growing headcount.

    Their shared commitment to functional wellness and clean living led to a new business venture when they turned to CBD as a key ingredient in developing a post-treatment product line that is gaining national attention: Post Love.

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    Episode 36: The Happiness Project

    with with Mei-Lin Reisin, LME & Dakota Holt, NP

    In “The Happiness Project” we sit down with YourProject co-founders, Mei-Lin Reisin, LME & Dakota Holt, MSN, NP-C to learn the ins and outs of making a successful business partnership work!

    While these two are known for their fun, entertaining and skillful production, they are also experienced practitioners who have built a Practice that creates joy, happiness and acceptance for Patients while also delivering top notch results.

    Dakota & Mei-Lin approach every Patient collaboratively- leaning into their respective strengths as an Injector and an Aesthetician to deliver in-depth treatment plans that build long term trust and retention.

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    Episode 37: Science, Safety & The Path to Success

    with Kevin Harrington MSN, APRN, FNP-C

    Kevin Harrington MSN, APRN, FNP-C is a true Renaissance man, a purveyor of clinical education and a mastermind when it comes to Practice management.

    In “Science, Safety and The Path to Success,” Kevin shares his perspective after 19 years of experience across all facets of Aesthetics.

    He worked at Allergan for 9 years, was integral in building the MSL team at Galderma, then transitioned to his own practice Face-Time Aesthetics where he’s since been a long-time trainer for both companies.

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    Episode 38: The Hard Truth About Success

    with Heather Rypien, RN, CANS

    In Episode 38, we sit down with Heather Rypien, RN, CANS to learn “The Hard Truth about Success.”

    Heather has been injecting for 12 years, and in that time, she’s amassed a large following of Patients. Her knack for Patient engagement is no surprise given her experience in a host of Customer Service roles including years as a Flight Attendant!

    Her work life is anything but conventional. While her home is based in North Carolina, she commutes to the Manhattan-based Skin Spirit each week!

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    Episode 39: The DNA of a Beautiful Business

    with Ben Hernandez

    In Episode 39, we sit down with Ben Hernandez, Partner and Co-Founder at Skytale Group.

    In just a few short years in the Aesthetic space, Ben has emerged as one of the key thought leaders on Mergers & Acquisitions, and he’s playing a key role in shaping the investment landscape.

    Ben and his team at Skytale are passionate about helping business owners build well-structured, profitable companies that can create long-term value for the Entrepreneur. In this episode, Ben talks about the value of aligning yourself with a team of experts who take on the heavy lifting when you’re ready to sell.

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    Episode 40: Behind the Content Curtain

    with JT Cothran

    In our Season Two Finale of For The Record, we’re giving you a behind-the scenes look at what it takes to create quality, consistent digital media day-in and day-out.

    In “Behind the Content Curtain” Dr. Tiphany Hall sits down with Director of Media & Productions for Aesthetic Record & Aesthetic Next, JT Cothran. They’ve worked closely for 3 years to build the content pipeline at AR, and they’ve got the battlescars to prove it!

    While JT Cothran came to AR with a long history of studio engineering and live event productions, he’s helped build a substantial video production house at AR, learning and evolving his own skill set, one step at a time.

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  • Episode 41: Find Your Pivot Point

    with Brittony Croasdell, APRN, CANS

    We’re starting Season #3 with a one of the best in the business, Brittony Croasdell, MSN, FNP-BC, APRN, CANS. She’s a Chicago-based Nurse Practitioner who has been criss-crossing the globe sharing her expertise on injecting, safety, and so much more throughout her career, and now she’s embarking on a new journey with her new practice, Fulcrum Aesthetics, opening in early 2023.

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    E42: Just Push The Button

    with Lonny Green, MD

    Epside #42 features Rêvée Medical Aesthetics Founder, Medical Director and Aesthetic Injector, Lonny Green, MD.

    Before he was known as the @ninjainjector, he spent twenty years as a Urologic Surgeon! After he began to explore additional ways to help women on their quest for health and wellness, he quickly realized that to do what he wanted to do, it may mean he had to venture out alone, outside of Urology to the field of Aesthetics..

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    E43: Nothing Happens Overnight

    with Amy Herrmann, RN, CANS, CPSN

    In Episode 43, We sit down with Amy Herrmann, RN, CANS, CPSN, the Chief Aesthetic Nurse and Director of Aesthetic Nursing at Mountcastle Medical Spa in Ashburn, VA.Over the last 13 years, she’s gone from doing pre/post ops and answering phones to building up a BUSY medical spa with 5 injectors, 3 aestheticians and 5 front desk staff.

    In a given day, her team sees over 100 patients, and it has to be a well-oiled machine to function, something she has worked hard to create- especially with the front desk who she credits as the backbone of the practice.

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    Episode 44: Life is a Juggling Act

    with Alexis Bowhay, PA-C

    This week we are focusing on the joys, triumphs, and realities of being a working mom in the busy field of Aesthetics. Our featured guest, Alexis Bowhay, PA-C. Alexis is a fellowship trained Aesthetic Injector at the Village Institute of Plastic Surgery where she’s building a busy injectable practice, and she’s taking it one day at a time.

    After starting her career in Cardiology, she decided to take another path and become an entrepreneur. She’s the owner of two fitness centers in the Orlando area where she’s built a successful health and fitness empire, but if you’ve met Alexis, you know she’s got the capacity to do more!

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    Episode 45: The Evolution of Success

    with Joelle Lieman, MD

    The minute you met Dr. Lieman, you know there’s something different about her. She’s got an abundant zest for life and an adventurous spirit that has been a catalyst for much of her success. In short, when she wants to do something, she just goes for it!

    In The Evolution of Success, we find it’s her ability to fail fast and fail forward, not take herself too seriously and be willing to grow and change as life demands it, as her secret to success.

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    Episode 46: Advisor First, Attorney Second

    with Justin Marti, Esq.

    This week we shift our focus to discuss the legal side of things with entrepreneur, business advisor and attorney, Justin Marti, Esq. Justin is the Founder of Marti Law Firm, a Connecticut-based firm that has carved out a niche in Dental & Aesthetics helping Practices to get started, keep growing, and if desired, plan their exit.

    Justin is not just an Attorney. At 25, he began his entrepreneurial journey with a dental practice, that turned into 45 locations, and eventually, a successful exit. In that time, he decided to go to law school primarily as a benefit to him as reviewed all the legal contracts and paperwork he was immersed in as an owner of a very large DSO. He didn’t really have a dream to one day actually practice law, but here we are! He’s taken his experiences as an entrepreneur and combined them with his legal prowess to form Marti Law Group.

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    Episode 47: The Partnership Playbook

    with Chris Murray, Revision Skincare

    In Episode 47, we sit down with Revision Skincare Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Chris Murray. Chris has been in the industry for 17 years, and in that time he’s worn many hats.

    From injectable Sales Rep to Regional Sales Manager at Medicis and Galderma to his transition to skincare 4 years ago, one thing has remained constant…his desire to partner with customers and to bring science, business and relationships to the table.

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    Episode 48: The Experiment Worked

    with Meredith Kent, PA-C

    This week we sit down with Entrepreneur, Master Injector & National Trainer for both Allergan & Galderma, Meredith Kent, PA-C

    Meredith is the Founder of Skin CoLAB, a thriving aesthetic oasis in the heart of downtown Ada, Michigan. For 15 years and counting, Meredith has been in the Aesthetic industry, but in 2021, she opened her own Practice in the same town where she grew up!

    Skin CoLAB is the perfect representation of her vision- literally! She managed every aspect of the design and has carefully curated the ambience and the vibe to give Patients and Retail Shoppers the ultimate Skin CoLAB experience.

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    Episode 49: Back Against the Wall

    with Sarah Balladares, PA-C

    This week, we sit down with Physician Associate and business owner, Sarah Balladares, PA-C for one wild ride! It all started with Sarah’s original career post-marketing degree, Financial Planning. After 5 years helping medical professionals get a handle on their money, she decided it was time to leave her career and head off to medical school for a career in Plastic Surgery.

    That was a short lived, as a few of her close physician friends talked her off the ledge, and offered up a career as a PA as viable alternative. That was all it took, and Sarah went back to school to take a year of prerequisites only to be waitlisted!

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    Episode 50: Off The Beaten Path

    with PA Cheyanne

    We’re going Off The Beaten Path this week with PA Cheyanne, Founder, CEO & Injector at The Private Suite LA.

    Her career started in France as a perfumer, but then a desire to do something more impactful led her back to NYC to PA School. She set her initial sets on Plastic Surgery, but in the end, she chose a PA program that paved the way for her journey into Aesthetics. Through the course of a fellowship, she left for sunny LA to train with a reconstructive surgeon, and never looked back.

    In her 15 year career, she’s seen and done a lot in aesthetics from routinely working surgical cases to running medspas and large practices to today where she’s settling into her role of 2 years, Founder & CEO. Cheyanne is building a bespoke brand that puts patient experience at the forefront, and her approach is rooted in the complete mind/body connection.

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    Episode 51: Setting the Standard

    with Larry Blevins, PA-C

    Episode 51 is live this week with a true pioneer and a mentor to SO many, the legendary Larry Blevins, PA-C!

    In Setting The Standard, we sit down with Larry, also known as @captaincosmetic, Founder & CEO of Village Institute of Plastic Surgery and co-founder of the American Foundation for Aesthetic Medicine fellowship.

    Larry is a retired Med Corp Captain in the US Army. It’s there that he finished PA school, served two tours in the trauma unit in Baghdad, then honed his aesthetic skills treating scars left in the aftermath of IED explosions. He retired from the Army and headed into civilian life, opened Village Institute of Plastic Surgery, and it’s been a successful journey ever since

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    Episode 52: Playing Devil’s Advocate

    with Scott Callahan, PA-C

    This week we are ditching the koolaid, poking the bear, and going unfiltered with industry pioneer Scott Callahan, MS, PA-C in Epidode 52, Playing Devil’s Advocate. Scott opened Dolce Vida Med Spa in 2010 after a career in adult/pediatric heart surgery and a strategic move to plastic surgery. He saw the writing on the wall, and took a big leap to open a med spa that has certainly paid off. Now, 4 practices later, he’s orchestrated a lot of change in the industry!

    If you have used, heard of or thought about threads, you can thank Scott! He was integral in bringing threads to the US more than a decade ago, and he’s one of the most respected thread practitioners and trainers in the country. He’s also the mastermind and founder of Dolce Symposiums which included ten action packed training events centered on threads and drawing in the biggest names in the country. He held his final one in 2022, but he’s not slowing down.

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    Episode 53: Born To Do More

    with Heather Finks, FNP-C

    Episode 53 is a Texas-sized crash course on serial entrepreneurship, overcoming adversity, and the patient experience.

    We sit down with Fort Worth native Heather Finks, FNP-C, founder of House of Beauty and a veteran nurse injector. This is Heather’s THIRD entrepreneurial endeavor, starting her first business at age 21 despite all odds.

    Her childhood was less than picture perfect. She was raised by a single dad in a low income home, and she became a mom at 15. She made a decision then to do what she had to in order to change the generational story for her daughter, and boy did she! She’s done a lot in a very short time, and basically her entire adult life she’s owned a business.

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    Episode 54: Market More. Suck Less.

    with Katlin Cauffman

    This week is like bootcamp for anyone and everyone who is trying to generate leads, increase revenue, and build a bigger practice. We have Diamond Accelerator Founder & CEO, Katlin Cauffman, in studio this week, and she’s sharing some KEY information that you need to hear before you build your next offer or place that next paid ad. With years of experience marketing practices of all shapes and sizes, her expertise and insights make this episode a full blown marketing course that you’d paid big bucks for somewhere else!

    Katlin’s company handles everything needed to be massively successful with lead gen, nurturing, and long-term retention of your client base. And over the years, after helping hundreds and hundreds of med spas, she’s got a great handle on the things you can do along the way, in her own words, to make your marketing suck less! Her proven system makes it EASY for practices to set it and forget it, and to focus on other parts of the business while also knowing their marketing efforts are in strong, capable hands with the Diamond Accelerator Team!

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    Episode 55: Fractional: The New Frontier

    with Brandon Mullen, BSN, RN-BC

    This we are shaking things up and breaking the model with guest Brandon Mullen, BSN, RN-BC. Brandon has reinvented the Practice Manager as we know it today. He’s not sitting at a desk in the Practice 40+ hours a week. He’s fractional, spending half of his time onsite at Aiyana Atelier in Virginia and the other half at home in Pennsylvania!

    How does this work, one might ask? Brandon has been in Nursing since 2009, had a career in healthcare technology, and then answered the call when Ashley Carmen, FNP-C quickly grew her solo owner/injector Practice in Old Town, VA and needed help! Brandon is obsessive when it comes to systems, processes, project management, and details! That’s why he’s been able to manage both on and off-site as Ashley’s grown Aiyana Atelier from now one location to two!

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    Episode 56: Amplifying the Aesthetic Industry

    with Drew Fine

    We’re back this week with an industry visionary who has spent the last 10 years leading marketing and training efforts in the Aesthetic Industry. After business school, Drew Fine spent 10 years at Eli Lilly honing his craft in Diabetes marketing before moving to Galderma, where in the course of his nearly 7 years there as VP of Marketing, he led multiple launches of new FDA approved products, played a major role in the development of GAIN, and in many ways, masterminded the rise to dominance of the Restylane, Dysport and Sculptra brands under the ownership of Nestle Skin Health. From there, he moved to Allergan as VP of Marketing for the Facial Injectable Portfolio for nearly two years where he had his hands in Juvederm, Botox and AMI marketing efforts. But now, he’s taking on a whole new challenge….

    At the start of 2023, Drew was named the Chief Commercial Officer at Advanced MedAesthetic Partners. Since its inception in October ’22, AMP has experienced rapid growth, scaling from 7 to 21 practices in only a few short months.

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    Episode 57: Best of Both Worlds

    with Roxy Drese, LE

    This week we are combining the power of skincare & injectables to bring you the Best of BOTH Worlds with SkinRX founder and award-winning Aesthetician, Roxanne “Roxy” Drese, LE.

    Roxy has been involved in entrepreneurship in some form her whole life. Her mother owned a spa, and she swore she’d never do it, but life had other plans. From her own skin struggles, she developed a passion for skincare, and her fate as an Aesthetician was sealed! She opened SkinRX in Southlake, TX, an affluent suburb of Dallas in 2015 with the singular focus on services she could provide an Aesthetician. For 3 years, she referred out business to local injectors after carefully matching the Patient to the Provider.

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    Episode 58: From Search to Sale

    with Jared Rohrer

    Episode 58 is here, and it’s packed full of the information you need to build your digital presence and fully book your schedule. We sit down with Aesthetic Conversion Founder & CEO, Jared Rohrer, who specializes in helping aesthetic practices move patients from search to sale and everything in between!

    Jared’s been in the aesthetic industry for several years. He’s worked with big names like Shino Bay Aguilera amongst others, produced conferences likes Beauty Through Science and FaceIt Virtual, and he’s been a content king producing videos, training series, and other media assets via his other business, Really Good Content.

    But, Jared has a passion for business and for helping entrepreneurs to grow and scale, and with his knack for content and love for marketing, Aesthetic Conversion is making a major impact on every practice his team serves.

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    Episode 59: The Aesthetic Revolution

    with Kimmi Ragone, RN, BSN, CPSN

    This week we take a 20+ year look at the past, present and future of injectable procedures with veteran injector & skincare expert, Kimmi Ragone, RN, BSN, CPSN. For the last 23 years, she’s been with Bucky Plastic Surgery, first as an OR Nurse assisting in facelifts and body procedures and over the last several years, she’s provided non-surgical treatments at one of four Bucky locations throughout Philadelphia where she also serves as the Director of Skin Care & Injectables.

    From the early days with one filler option and one toxin option til now, Kimmi’s been on the forefront of the scientific and product-driven evolution of the industry.

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    Episode 60: The Leadership Manifesto

    with Shelby Miller, DNP, FNP-C

    We end Season 3 talking about hustle, passion, courage, and leadership with industry icon, IG influencer, and successful entrepreneur, Shelby Miller, DNP, FNP-C. In The Leadership Manifesto, the RUMA Aesthetics & RUMA Academy Founder, CEO & Medical Director gives us an intimate look at everything from the childhood experiences that shaped her and the lessons she’s learned in business and in life as her career has taken off in a meteoric fashion since opening her own practice in 2018.

    If you have even one conversation with Shelby, it’s immediately apparent that she has a passion for learning, for growing others, and for providing the best care possible for her Patients. That passion is equally matched by her work ethic- she’s not shy about doing the hard things. Whether it’s long hours, doing her own construction, putting in the time to learn and work on herself, or balancing multiple business and a family, she somehow makes it all look effortless. Despite how it may appear on the Gram, she’s quick to tell you, it’s not without its challenges and sacrifices!

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    Bonus Episode: The Million Dollar Value of a Proprietary Aesthetic Method

    with Kaeli Lindholm

    Are you ready to be truly “competition-less” and build a sustainable brand that leads to increased revenue, less burnout, and carving out your niche in the Aesthetic Industry? If this answer is YES, this episode is going to give you the keys to unlocking the secrets of scale! It’s the first step in a 4-part series focused on bringing the value of the Proprietary Aesthetic Method to your practice!

    We’ve teamed up with KLC Consulting Founder & CEO, Kaeli Lindholm, to deliver her proven methodology and winning formula to you starting with this podcast! From here, Kaeli will guide you on your journey to create your brand identity and lay the foundational structure to propel long-term growth. There will be 3 stops along the way: Positioning Your Business in “The Gap”, Developing Your Proprietary Method, and Incorporating PAM in Your Day-to-Day Operations.

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  • Episode 61: From Stand-Up to Standout with Dani Sher, PA-C

    with Dani Sher, PA-C

    We’re kicking things off with a little SPARKLE! Join our first guest of the season, Dani Sher, PA-C, Founder & Owner of Sparkle Aesthetics for an in depth look at ultrasound practicality, entrepreneurship & attracting the right patients to your Practice!

    In the season opener, From Stand-Up to Standout, Dani takes us on a journey from early days in stand-up comedy to eventually finding her way back to medicine in the ER, to Aesthetics and now as one of the key leaders of the ultrasound movement. She’s been an integral part of ultrasound education across the US training providers in her office in Chicago and at conferences around the country.

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    Episode 62: #TakeFive at Aesthetic Next 5.0

    with with Vivienne Echendu & Marcus Curtis

    Episode 62 is right on time to prepare for and #TakeFive at Aesthetic Next 5.0 coming up in only a few short weeks in Dallas, TX on September 7th-10th. In this episode, the AN Conference Director & FTR Host, Tiphany Hall, PhD, sits down with the Director of Vendor Relations, Vivienne Echendu, and Business Development Manager, Marcus Curtis. Together, Vivienne and Marcus are responsible for the entire vendor aspect of the conference- that means they manage the Exhibit Hall, ensure sponsors for evening events, curate the vendor Think Tanks and Learning Labs, secure sponsorships for key experiences and activations to enrich the attendee experience and more.s..

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    Episode 63: Black Belt Digital & Beyond

    with Rick O’Neill, FRSA

    This week we’re diving headfirst into all things digital marketing for E63: Black Belt Digital & Beyond with Rick O’Neill, FRSA. Rick has spent 22 years focused on digital marketing, the last 11 of which he’s been at the helm of award-winning, UK-based agency, LTF Digital exclusively serving the Aesthetic industry. Rick and his team are entrusted to lead the marketing efforts not only for the big brands that serve the Aesthetic Industry, like Merz, Allergan, AlumierMD, Crown Aesthetics, Lumenis, and Alma (just to name a few), but, they also intensely focus on marketing for practices. That’s a unique combination not found in many agencies- they understand the hyper-competitive aesthetic market from all sides, and they are able to maximize results across various budgets and differing needs.

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