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Manage Your Operations

Manage Your Practice Operations from End-to-End in the Aesthetic Record Control Center

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Aesthetic Record’s all-in-one integration increases the accuracy of your data and provides a more complete picture of your overall business performance. Business Insights allows you to pull 100s of reports that help you make critical business decisions. Whether it’s measuring sales or liabilities, managing patients, tracking discounts, or controlling inventory levels, the Control Center contains the most important KPIs you need to oversee your practice’s growth. Aesthetic Record functions as a light-weight CRM allowing you to pull countless reports on patient purchasing behavior that can help you target the right audience for upcoming events and promotions.

Supply Chain Management

Managing the flow of retail and medical products through a practice is one of the most complex aspects of managing a practice. It is typically one of the largest expenses and without available inventory, patient appointments may suffer. With Aesthetic Record, you can conveniently create purchase orders and send them directly to your suppliers. Within the inventory management suite, you can set product par levels and automate ordering from the Control Center. Standardizing your inventory procedures is a cinch with detailed stock reconciliation including expired, missing and damaged product. Most importantly, with a full EMR and POS integration, every item is tracked from the time it is ordered to when it is received, used in a treatment and sold on an invoice, making your visibility to the flow of goods truly end-to-end.

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Employee Performance Tracking

You can track employee productivity and performance by measuring an employee’s contribution to the practice across multiple metrics. Compensation modeling is easy with readily available reports on average sales per patient, inventory usage, patient satisfaction survey results, booked percentages, total and net sales and more. These standardized reports take the guesswork out of month over month trend analysis leaving you in an ideal position to coach and develop employees. And, with time clock, commission and tip tracking features, you can create a seamless lnk between performance, attendance and compensation.

Third-Party Integrations

Share real-time information between Aesthetic Record and your CRM to simplify lead tracking and marketing campaigns. Patients are synced automatically between systems making it easy to translate an external lead into a patient appointment & a new contact in your email database. The ability to run valuable reports on patient behaviors allows you to share those insights directly with your CRM where you can build recall and retention campaigns or promote upcoming promotions and product launches.

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Patient Insights Reporting

Explore buying trends, retention metrics and procedure pairing data with Patient Insights Reporting. You can generate reports based on specific time domains, by product, and by clinic for 17 programmed queries. These reports are a perfect compliment to your marketing efforts and can be a valuable asset when creating promotions, packages or event specials. You can isolate patients based on various attributes then easily export the list to one of our 4 integrated CRMs. It’s an instant option for creating targeted email and text campaigns. With the the easy save function, you can create your own quick reference dashboard for month-over-month comparisons.