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A Rewarding Integration Built For Your Aesthetic Practice

Bring the benefits of a best-in-class loyalty program, ASPIRE Galderma Rewards, to your Practice, and streamline your daily operations. This is the first and only end-to-end integration, and it provides a simpler, more convenient way to record Galderma treatments and incorporate Patient reward savings from the Patient Wallet. Now, Patients can instantly redeem ASPIRE Galderma Rewards points with the help of their Aesthetic specialist at the time of treatment!
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Reward New & Existing Patients in Your Practice

Offer ASPIRE Galderma Rewards to every Patient with our integrated registration process or confirm their point balance at check-in & checkout.

Protect Your Revenue with Realtime Eligibility Checks

Patients who book are auto-enrolled in your cancellation policy, SMS and email reminder workflows. Patients who buy can see their membership or package immediately in their Patient Portal.

Make Patient Redemptions Easy

With our exclusive Patient redemption function, a staff member can redeem points on behalf of the Patient & apply them to a treatment in real-time. It only requires a one-time-password sent to their mobile device.

Less Manual Work Means More Time to Focus on the Patient

We’ve automated steps from charting to checkout to ensure ASPIRE Galderma Rewards fits into your existing AR workflow. There’s no need to login to ASPIRE HCP to complete a Patient transaction.

Ready to Learn More About How the ASPIRE Galderma Rewards Integration Can Benefit Your Practice & Your Patients?

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Register Patients at Check-In & Checkout & Check Point Balances

Use existing Patient data to auto-fill the ASPIRE Galderma Rewards registration form when the Patient checks or checks out at the Practice. Enrollment is instant, and Patients can start saving immediately! Staff can also see point balances prior to treatment so they can remind Patients of their existing rewards.

Inventory Mapping & Treatment Verification

Your Galderma inventory is mapped to ASPIRE Galderma Rewards so logging and verification is a cinch! Indications are included during charting to make treatment validation more accurate. Once inside the cart, an automatic validation step shows you which treatments are eligible for redemption & checks whether the cart qualifies for an existing HCP certificate.

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Redeem Patient Points & Apply Certificates

Practices can redeem points on behalf of their Patients from inside the Patient Wallet. Simply choose the point amount, send an OTP code to the Patient’s device, and the certificate is instantly generated! Any available ASPIRE Galderma Rewards certificate will display in the Patient Wallet to be applied at checkout, too.

Real-Time Reconciliation Metrics

As Patient certificates are applied and discounts are given, you can track the overall redemption amount of any ASPIRE Galderma Rewards transaction made within Aesthetic Record. This makes it easy to reconcile weekly reimbursements, track upcoming deposit amounts and review certificate activity by day.

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