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Discover a new world of convenience and efficiency with Aesthetic Record’s Online Booking and eCommerce Portal. Designed specifically for aesthetic medical clinics, this innovative platform helps you maximize your time and profitability. Online booking means your staff can spend less time on administrative tasks, freeing them up to focus on what truly matters – providing excellent patient care. With a simplified booking interface, you can convert leads 24/7, providing a convenient and preferred method of booking for many patients. In addition to a fully redesigned booking experience, this new platform transforms your revenue generation into a 24-hour operation, enabling patients to make purchases even when the office is closed.


It’s more than just capturing appointments or generating revenue—it’s about enhancing patient satisfaction through convenience and allowing your practice to do more without additional staff costs. With a fully integrated point-of-sale that directly connects to your clinic’s Aesthetic Record account, there’s never a need to move sales, deposit or cancellation information from one system to another. We’re eager to partner with you as you redefine aesthetic medicine for the digital age.


Intuitive interface where patients can explore your staff & services prior to booking. When they decide to book, it’s as easy at steps 1-2-3!


Patients who book are auto-enrolled in your cancellation policy, SMS and email reminder workflows. Patients who buy can see their membership or package immediately in their Patient Portal.


Your practice storefront is now open 24 hours a day! Patients can explore & purchase your memberships, promotions and eGift cards without taking valuable front desk time.


When you run social media or pay-per-click ads, it’s vital to measure the ROI. With new GA4 Google Tracking, you can create your own conversions and start analyzing the success of your campaigns.

Ready to Convert Leads & Generate Revenue 24/7? Your Online Booking & eCommerce Portal is Only a Click Away!


Fully Redesigned Online Booking Experience

With a simple, intuitive interface, patients can book quickly and easily without burdening your staff with unnecessary time on the phone. From searching out their ideal provider to choosing from multiple categories of services, the booking process is optimized for mobile and desktop so they can book with you from anywhere at anytime.


Configurable Web Settings Give You More Control Over Your Portal Design

Choose from 9 color options so your new Online Booking and eCommerce portal fits your brand theme. You can turn components on and off based on your unique practice offerings. Whether you choose to offer online book or eCommerce or both, you are in control of building your virtual store front.


The Power of Your Practice in the Palm of Your Patients’ Hands

With new information to display, you can share more practice details with potential leads. Highlight your hard-working team with a dedicated staff tab and a listing of their services. Organize your robust list of services into categories and include detailed descriptions, time increments and service deposit amounts


Keep Your Virtual Doors Open 24/7 with Membership & Promotions

Patients can shop your latest promotions and packages from your Practice landing page. When patients buy online, we’ll verify their identity or help them register for the Patient Portal, and send their purchases to their AR wallet. Patients can also join your Loyalty program by choosing the right membership for their needs. You can display a description, discount amount, free goods & fee schedule on the portal. As soon as a Patient purchases, they can immediately access their membership perks!


Help Your Patients Give & Receive the Perfect Gift with eGift Cards

The new eCommerce Portal makes it easy for patients to take advantage of promotional eGift card pricing, send the perfect gift to friends or family, or be the lucky recipient of someone else’s good taste! Senders can choose to send eGift cards at the time of purchase or on some future date. Once purchased, the recipient is sent an email with redemption codes, and you can track redemption in Business Insights.


Clearly Explain Your Cancellation Policy & Service Deposits During Booking

Cancellations and no-shows may be unavoidable, but adding a cancellation policy to your online booking process can deter it from happening and help you recoup some funds to cover the lost time. If you prefer, a deposit can be paid for certain services, and patients will see the notification when selecting those service, before moving forward. Clear explanations of financial responsibility eliminates confusion for the patient and ensures they know what to expect if they miss their appointment.

our patients expect your Online Booking & eCommerce portal to be an extension of your practice. You can deliver an experience that is easy to navigate, convenient to book, and open for business even when your doors are closed. With workflow automations like cancellation policy enrollment and Patient Wallet deposits, you can increase revenue and fill your schedule without additional administrative time. With Google tracking you can now keep a close eye on the performance of your marketing campaigns, and continue to perfect your lead generation efforts.

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Fast & Easy

Patients can book by provider or service in 3 easy steps.


Patients can book from anywhere, anytime.

Fully Integrated

As soon as patients buy, their Patient Wallet is updated.

Revenue Generation

Memberships, promotions and eGift cards drive sales even when you’re closed.


Patients enjoy a mobile-friendly website with an intuitive interface.