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Additional Services & Training Plans



Ideal for Front Desk & Providers. We’ll Help Your Employees Put it all Together & Confirm Understanding.

Help Us Configure Onboarding to the Employee’s Roles & Responsibilities

Training is Based on Individual Employee’s Needs and May Include the Following:

Appointments & Scheduling
Starting & Charting Procedures
Tracing Inventory
POS & Check-Out Process
Provider/MD Room



Ideal for Practice Managers, System Admins & 3rd-Party Services. We’ll Help Your New Admin Put It All Together.

Help Us Configure Onboarding to the Administrator Roles & Responsibilities

Training is Based on Individual Administrator Needs and May Include the Following:

Managing Team Members
Setting Up & Managing Inventory
Appointments & Services Training
Business Suite & Financial Services Training
3rd Party Integrations / eRX



Become an AR Power User with Advanced Feature Training Customized for Your Practice.

Configure & Deliver plans

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting! Our Experts will Build & Deliver Your New AR System & Set You Up for Long-Term Success with CORE4 Training
Our Process
Initial Kick-Off with Requirements Gathering Phase
Project Management Team Configures Your Aesthetic Record System with Your Data:

Completely Building Your New Account Could Take Up to 30 Days from the Day All information is Received for Upload

1-Hour System Review & Documentation Check
All Training Included in the Core4 Program.

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got answers.

Book a 45-minute, 1-on-1 Q&A Session with our AR Expert Coaches Anytime!

Date Migration Services

Migrating patient records and practice data from an existing system to Aesthetic Record doesn't have to be a dreaded chore. Based on your current system, our coaches can migrate your existing charts, appointments, photos and more to Aesthetic Record so you don't have to!
Our Process
For more information on how to get started with Data Migration, contact our
Aesthetic Record Team

Unlock Priority Monthly Support & Dedicated Strategic Account Management



Ideal for accounts who want priority access to on-demand, specialized support and also for multi-location, complex or large practices.

Technical Specialist Prioritizes Your Support Activities & Technical Concerns via Email

Your Support Tickets will be Placed at the Front of Our Support Queue for Priority Review by Our Developers

Work with a Technical Specialist to Solve Escalated Concerns in Real Time via On-Demand Zoom Calls

Your Monthly Support Volume will be Monitored on an Ongoing Basis & Your Technical Specialist will Make Recommendations for Training & Optimizations



Ideal for accounts that are growth-focused, prefer more business intelligence & desire a close collaboration with a consultative partner

Partner with an AR Strategic Account Manager via Email for Ongoing Planning & Collaboration

This Call can be Used to Review Your Monthly Strategic Plan, Provide Team Training, or Partner on New Feature Implementation or Enhancements

Create 2 Customized, Advanced Reports per Month in Partnership with our Development Team

Work with Consultants Who Know AR & Can Help You Leverage New Features as You Grow