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Say Goodbye to Paper and Hello to More Time, so You Can Get Back to Treating Your Patients

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Complete EMR Solution

Providers can record procedures and treatment markings with full, customizable and compliant documentation from their iPad. Cloud ERX ePrescribing allows Providers to leverage the largest pharmacy network in the country to manage patient medications. As Providers chart procedures, every unit of inventory is deducted and auto-populated on the patient’s invoice. Auto-filled notes make charting more efficient, and the Medical Director’s and Provider’s rooms keep clinical supervision and chart sign-off compliant. Advanced reporting on procedures and inventory usage give you visibility to important KPIs and practice insights.

Before & After Photo and Video Management

The Clinical Photography Suite makes it easy to capture and upload high-resolution before and after videos directly to the patient’s chart. Real patient photos are used for charting making it more realistic when referencing injection points or treatment locations from earlier appointments. As their treatment plan continues, side-by-side comparison tools showcase the patient’s progress from earlier visits. Our SmartMatch Technology gives you a visual reference to perfectly align before and afters for clinical-grade treatment documentation. Our dynamic video before-and-afters allow you to capture the patient animating through six different facial expressions, and perform side-by-side comparisons for dynamic results tracking.


Cloud-Based ePrescribing

The Aesthetic Record Cloud ePrescribing application provides our users with comprehensive electronic prescribing right from the AR Control Center or Provider Application. Our Cloud ERX portal links directly from within the patient’s chart giving Prescribers & Support Staff a streamlined workflow for ePrescribing and Electronically Prescribed Controlled Substances (EPCS). Cloud- based ePrescribing helps improve patient safety through reduced prescription errors, drug and allergy interaction warnings, and full drug database access. And since it’s housed within your EMR, referencing patient medical history or treatment records is a cinch. With just a few clicks, you can prescribe and send to 99% of US pharmacies, all safely and electronically connected to the Surescripts network. With workflow effciencies like frequently-used favorites, pre-programmed common doses, 1-click refills, and post-date capabilities, Aesthetic Record’s integration with the ScriptSure Cloud ERX system can save you time and money.

Telehealth Platform & Virtual Clinic

Conduct HIPAA-compliant, virtual consultations and patient exams with our telehealth-enabled platform. The option to custom brand the portal ensures your virtual clinic is an extension of your practice. Patients can select from virtual appointments during online booking, and both patients and providers receive a one-click joining link that does not require certain system requirements or downloads to operate. With our virtual terminal, collecting payment for consultations or pre-purchases is easy, and ePrescribe allows you to send necessary prescriptions without a face-to-face appointment. Upon completion of a virtual visit, the full transcript of every session is stored directly in the patient’s profile so you can reference the conversation and apply the appropriate predictive procedure notes as needed. Whether conducting a medical visit, a skincare consultation or a post-surgery follow up, telehealth expands your practice’s geographical reach and keeps the number of patients in your waiting room to a minimum.


Predictive Chart Notes & Treatment Templates

Drastically reduce your clinical documentation time with predictive chart notes. Create dot phrases for your commonly used clinical notes, and add those notes to any chart with a few simple key commands. This workflow optimization tool helps you create fully documented procedures without wasting valuable time typing the same information with each encounter. Similiarly, treatment templates take more complex or step-wise procedures and break them into a series of prompts. These prompts are a great reminder to input key data or chart in a particular order. This eliminates the guesswork for the provider and standardized the documentation for a given procedure from one patient to the next.

Draw Tools & Inventory Variations

Enhance your standard treatment markings with a portfolio of draw tools that helps you add more procedure-related information to your chart. From arrows to lines, text boxes and shapes, you can add things like directional passes, cannula entry points, shape call-outs and more; and you can color code each entry for easy reference. You can also chart procedure receipes or multi-modality therapies using inventory variations. With this helpful option, you can associate service and retail items and medical supplies to a single treatment entry. Whether you want to add a series of options and allow the provider to choose or specify the exact products to use, AR’s intelligent charting system will help you count down what’s left and trace and deduct the proper inventory items every time.