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Episode 40: Behind the Content Curtain


JT Cothran

For The Record Podcast with JT Cothran

In our Season Two Finale of For The Record, we’re giving you a behind-the scenes look at what it takes to create quality, consistent digital media day-in and day-out.

In “Behind the Content Curtain” Dr. Tiphany Hall sits down with Director of Media & Productions for Aesthetic Record & Aesthetic Next, JT Cothran. They’ve worked closely for 3 years to build the content pipeline at AR, and they’ve got the battlescars to prove it!

While JT Cothran came to AR with a long history of studio engineering and live event productions, he’s helped build a substantial video production house at AR, learning and evolving his own skill set, one step at a time.

He’s the man behind the camera, directing the talent, finding the best angle, and capturing the best video and audio for the job. But, he’s also the one in post-production doing all the editing, adding motion graphics and transitions, and creating lots of movie magic. He’s a unicorn, some might say, and can do just about anything!

In this episode, JT & Tiphany break down a few key elements of success regardless of your budget or resources:

-Using the tools you have in your tool box today to create high-quality, high-impact videos and what to buy next to fill in the holes.

-Various software program you can use to get the look of big production quality without spending big budgets (and do some really cool stuff!) We share SO many great tools!!!!

-Tips for improving your video quality from pre-production planning, to background lighting, to refurbishing old videos and building content with purpose.

-What to consider when deciding when to bring in a production company vs. trying to do it all yourself.

This is a great episode to watch or listen to if you are a content creator who is either stuck in a rut or eager to take things to the next level. If you are a video ninja, we promise you may get some time-saving efficiency hacks that make things easier!!

We share the perspective of the onscreen talent and the behind-the-scenes creative genius, something that isn’t normally discussed together!

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