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Episode 28: Grace Under Fire


Sally Santos, PA-C

For The Record Podcast with Guest Sally Santos, PA-C

This week, we sit down with the formidable & fabulous, Sally Santos, PA-C, who shares the lessons learned after more than a decade in dermatology with a passion for treating skin conditions who became an Aesthetic Mastermind, in many ways, by accident.

Her early career was forged in medical dermatology without even a small desire to venture into Aesthetics. But, a 3+ year job with world-renowned injector, Vivian Bucay, MD, changed all that!

When life moved her to Austin, she teamed up with Daniel Carrasco, MD. Here she found the perfect marriage of aesthetics, dermatology and clinical research.

Along the way, Sally has honed her skills as an educator and has remained one of the top requested trainers for Galderma year after year. She’s been a part of GENNow since its inception and has lectured at symposiums and seminars across the US and conducted hundreds (if not thousands) of peer- to-peer trainings!

She provides some incredibly useful tips on how to build your skills as a trainer, take control of the room, set your boundaries, and prepare for anything.

But now she’s entering into a new challenge as an entrepreneur, something she’s tackled head on while opening Ella Medical Aesthetics.

She’s shares lots of VERY valuable information on real estate negotiations, dealing with contractors, and managing cash flow during the start-up period.

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