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Episode 39: The DNA of a Beautiful Business


Ben Hernandez

For The Record Podcast with Ben Hernandez

In Episode 39, we sit down with Ben Hernandez, Partner and Co-Founder at Skytale Group.

In just a few short years in the Aesthetic space, Ben has emerged as one of the key thought leaders on Mergers & Acquisitions, and he’s playing a key role in shaping the investment landscape. Ben and his team at Skytale are passionate about helping business owners build well-structured, profitable companies that can create long-term value for the Entrepreneur.

In this episode, Ben talks about the value of aligning yourself with a team of experts who take on the heavy lifting when you’re ready to sell. That includes finding the right partner, structuring a favorable deal, and guiding the seller through what can seem like a daunting process. But the end result can be an incredible partnership where the Practice can continue to focus on Patient care while the Investment Partner brings capital & professional services to the table.

When it’s a match, everybody wins, including the industry as a whole!

In the last several years, Ben and Skytale team have made a major impact in the Aesthetic industry. With years of experience in Dental among other specialties, they know exactly what it takes to maximize the value of a Practice and to reward the Owner for what they’ve built. As Private Equity, or “PE” money, continues to roll in, it’s bringing about a new, more sophisticated era of Practice management. And, Skytale is answering the call!

As Ben shares, Skytale’s consulting side acts as an accountability partner, business coach, and strategic advisor to help Practices grow- even if selling isn’t part of the plan. This episode is a mini-MBA delivered with the finesse that only a true expert could provide. If you’ve had selling on your mind, but didn’t know where to start, this is a must listen!

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