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Episode 45: The Evolution of Success


Joelle Lieman, MD

For The Record Podcast with Joelle Lieman, MD

In Episode #45, we sit down with Elite Medspa Founder & Medical Director, Joelle Lieman, MD to learn more about her journey from a nearly 20 year career as an OBGyn to a top injector and successful entrepreneur.

The minute you met Dr. Lieman, you know there’s something different about her. She’s got an abundant zest for life and an adventurous spirit that has been a catalyst for much of her success. In short, when she wants to do something, she just goes for it! In The Evolution of Success, we find it’s her ability to fail fast and fail forward, not take herself too seriously and be willing to grow and change as life demands it, as her secret to success.

She opened Elite Medspa & Wellness Center in a suburb outside of Boston, and it’s her she’s found her passion. As a national speaker on sexual wellness, she’s merging her two worlds together, bringing in her expertise in Women’s health to her aesthetic clinic. She is also a GAIN trainer, a busy, busy injector and owner. But she holds space to keep her practice welcoming to Patients by creating a luxury environment that still feels like home. And for her employees, she’s cultivated a family environment that bodes well for retention.

Oh, and she has three boys and a husband, and she’s extremely devoted those jobs as well! She’s a big hockey mom and considers her role as a mother to be the one that truly defines her most. But in her words, she’s an evolution of her collective experiences, both good and bad, and she’s forthcoming about where she’s gone wrong, where she’s gone right, and when she’s had to take a different approach.

If you want a little perspective on life, business and the pursuit of happiness, this episode is one you simply can’t skip!

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