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Episode 46: Advisor First, Attorney Second


Justin Marti, Esq.

For The Record Podcast with Justin Marti, Esq.

This week we shift our focus to discuss the legal side of things with entrepreneur, business advisor and attorney, Justin Marti, Esq. Justin is the Founder of Marti Law Firm, a Connecticut-based firm that has carved out a niche in Dental & Aesthetics helping Practices to get started, keep growing, and if desired, plan their exit.

Justin is not just an Attorney. At 25, he began his entrepreneurial journey with a dental practice, that turned into 45 locations, and eventually, a successful exit. In that time, he decided to go to law school primarily as a benefit to him as reviewed all the legal contracts and paperwork he was immersed in as an owner of a very large DSO. He didn’t really have a dream to one day actually practice law, but here we are! He’s taken his experiences as an entrepreneur and combined them with his legal prowess to form Marti Law Group.

He’s quick to point out that he’s got an incredible team of stellar attorneys to surround him, and that their team stays in their lane- the focus on the things Practices need most. Whether its creating contracts for newly formed medspas to those ready to exit, working with vendors on negotiations, creating Provider agreements, Medical Director agreements and more, they provide an affordable, high-touch relationship for their clients. Borrowing from the industries they serve, Marti has a tiered membership program that allows Practices to be in ongoing contact with their legal advisors without breaking the bank.

In this episode, we talk about the realities of the ever-evolving legal climate in the medspa industry and the importance of finding a legal team who can worry about the compliance aspect, so Practice owners don’t have to. We also discuss the benefit of having a legal advisor on your team- especially one who knows a lot about business- to help find opportunities to negotiate for better prices, better contract terms, and to come alongside an owner as they grow and eventually exit. We also explore how Justin is growing a successful business once again in his second act. What are the fundamental or foundational things that he knows are the tried-and-true ways to perpetuate success no matter what business you’re in?

It’s a great episode that proves a good attorney is a competitive advantage, and one with as much business success as Justin is definitely hard to come by. His team offers a free consultation to help assess where they can add value to a Practice and what opportunities for improvement exist for an owner.

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