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Episode 21: The Veteran Perspective


Grace McLaurin, DMSc, PA-C

For The Record Podcast with Guest Grace McLaurin, DMSC, PA-C

In the first episode of the season, we sit down with a true industry veteran and one of the “OGs” with more than 20 years in Aesthetics, Grace McLaurin, DMSc, PA-C!

Grace shares her veteran perspective both as an injector & a business owner of two practices, Vitality Anti-Aging Center and Vitality Surgical Center and Aesthetic Consulting & Training.

Despite decades of injecting, thousands of hours of training others, & years of success as an entrepreneur, Grace sites staffing her practices as still one of her greatest challenges! She shares her perspective on hiring and retaining great talent, encouraging ongoing development for herself and her staff, and staying the course with what matters most to fulfill her goals as a Provider, Trainer & Employer!

She’s a business consultant, multi-year Best Injector in America winner, industry trainer, podium speaker, practice owner, aesthetic and functional medicine expert, and So. Much. More.

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