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Episode 80: Hustle & Heart: A Rise to the Top


with Erika Barry, NP-C & Libby Dysart

For The Record Podcast with Erika Barry, NP-C & Libby Dysart

Season 4 of For The Record is coming to a close, but we’re going out on a very high note in Episode 80: Hustle & Heart: A Rise to the Top with Erika Barry, NP-C and Libby Dysart. This dynamic duo has been working together for several years, and the proof of their combined powers is unmistakable. What Erika brings to the table as an expert injector, top trainer and KOL, Libby matches with brand management experience, social media expertise, and a knack for contract negotiations and influencer management.
Erika started her IG in 2015 and quickly begin to grow her following. Her page was a combination of before & afters and an authentic look at her life- something that improved her patient relationships and become a calling card for her business.  But Libby encouraged her do more, and she took over in 2018. Now Erika’s follower number is at an impressive 295k! But that’s not even close to the whole story…
With Libby’s insight into Patreon and Erika’s ability to connect with injectors and create a community that was hungry for more knowledge, they launched Erika’s account in 2017, the first in the medical Aesthetics field. Her Patreon has grown into a massive following and become a powerhouse business of its own. In 2023, Libby launched her own Patreon to share best practices for brand management and how to slay at social media, stepping out into her own light as an influencer!
But while the social media influencer version of Erika is what you may see, behind that persona is a tremendous amount of hard work and hustle. She is extremely disciplined and professional in everything she does, and let’s face it, she does more in a day than most of us do in a week!  She’s the co-owner of award-winning Potomac, MD based medspa Moksha Aesthetics with another well-respected trainer & KOL, Hania Khorshidi. Recently, Libby finally turned over the reins to the Moksha brand to someone else, freeing up more time to focus on Erika’s many endeavors!
In addition to Patreon and Moksha, Erika co-founded Aesthetic Intel with her longtime mentor and friend, Waseem Garbia, PA-C, another big name in the Aesthetic industry. Who hasn’t heard of the Injector’s Club consultation pads? This invaluable resource was the jumping off point for Erika and fellow industry veteran, injector and KOL, Shakira Cabrera, MPAS, PA-C, to start the Injector’s Club. Their joint venture not only supplies helpful tools like consultation pads and anatomy boards, but they frequently train on business building & injecting. No surprise, Libby is behind the curtain of both of these companies, masterminding a social media and brand strategy that has resulted in national recognition in a very short time.
When Erika’s not involved in one of her businesses, she can be found touring all over the country speaking on behalf of companies taking the stage at conferences, advising manufacturers on product plans, and doing hands-on training.  Libby is her constant sounding board and confident, and together they have a unique balance of tough love and unwavering support that is the epitome of straightening another woman’s crown.
As Erika’s star grows, Libby’s role has shifted to a talent manager- making sure Erika’s contracts, projects, compensation and schedule are the right fit for her brand and her role as a wife and a mom. With Libby’s success of the Bunny brand, she’s become a hot commodity all her own is  now in demand to share her knowledge and consult on the growth of other brands across the industry. 
From the humble beginnings in 2015 to the top of the class in 2024, these two are the perfect pair we never knew we needed. They’ve got heart, and there’s no question they’ve got the hustle, and they’ve earned their success every step of the way!
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