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Episode 27: What Lies Beneath


David Saadat, MD

For The Record Podcast with Guest David Saadat, MD

In Episode 27, we sit down with industry icon, triple-board certified facial plastic surgeon and passionate educator, David Saadat, MD.

While he practices in Beverly Hills today, he started from humble beginnings as an Iranian immigrant at the young age of 16. He found a love of learning and a desire to achieve early on which brought him to medical School, and eventually to board certifications in Otolaryngology, Facial Plastic Surgery, and Sleep Medicine.

Like most medical students, money was tight, and during Residency, he earned extra income by spending countless hours assisting in the anatomy lab. Here he found a passion for teaching anatomy, one that he’d rekindle later in his career.

Fast-forward a few years, and he’s not only built a booming surgical practice, but he’s an industry leader in injectables. Coming out of the pandemic, he’s busier than ever, adding 5 injectors, buying a Medical Spa, and maintaining a surgery center that serves not only his own practice but that of others in the area- aside from the financial benefits, opening his surgical center to others is something he enjoys as it brings in young surgeons eager to learn & grow their skills under his mentorship.

He’s also getting back to his love of anatomy as his career enters a new phase. It has blossomed into an entire series of courses focused on teaching Injection-related anatomy and preventing adverse events by really understanding what lies beneath the skin. Dr Saadat is focused on relevant coursework that Injectors can apply the next day to produce safer, optimal outcomes with their patients. He’s also busy with a full docket of injectable courses and virtual trainings in addition to partnering with other training programs like Injectability Institute and Coast 2 Coast with Glo Academy to bring anatomy labs to centers across the US.

In this episode, Dr. Saadat shares his perspective on treatments, training courses and what’s next in aesthetics. It’s an action packed hour you won’t want to miss!

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