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Episode 25: Do What You Do Best


Rachel Duke, MSN, NP, CANS

For The Record Podcast with Guest Rachel MSN, Duke, NP, CANS

This week we are joined by Rachel Duke, MSN, NP, CANS for Episode 25: Do What You Do Best.

Rachel has been an Aesthetic Nurse for 15 years working in both Plastic Surgery and Dermatology offices until she opened her own clinic at at the height of the pandemic in 2020!

She credits her success to a constant commitment to learning, something she’s found with a network of colleagues who’ve helped her along on her entrepreneurial journey. She provides a great outline for things you should consider when starting your practice. She transitioned from working “for” someone else to tackling the entrepreneurial journey in fresh off of months of shutdowns and all the chaos that accompanied 2020- a true testament to her courage.

She gives lots of incredibly valuable advice for new injectors on how to navigate their education and ensure they are taking advantage of all the opportunities to grow their network and their personal brand.

She’s been named a Best Injector in America multiple times and has been a long time Allergan trainer & began training for Renuva last year. Her favorite trainings? The beginners who are hungry to learn and develop!

Her private boutique continues to grow, and she takes us through her challenges and her philosophy on starting a business, choosing the right services, knowing when to hire, and trying to set boundaries along the way!

If you are a new injector or a new business owner, this one’s for you!

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