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Episode 67: Fast. Fierce. Female.


Limor Weinberg, FNP-C & Lauren Taylor DeJohn

For The Record Podcast with Limor Weinberg, FNP-C & Lauren Taylor DeJohn

We’re taking you to the Exhibit Hall floor at Aesthetic Next 5.0 for Episode 67: Fast. Fierce. Female. We are joined by two powerhouse women each doing unique things to expand their brand and the brands of others but in very different ways. These two mini-episodes pack a punch, so while it’s not our traditional format, there’s plenty of valuable knowledge nuggets up for grabs!

We sit down first with Limor Weinberg, FNP-BC, CEO & Founder of The Clinic USA and brand new aesthetic-focused fashion line, Fillers Anonymous. Limor has been a part of the industry for many years, and in that time, she’s emerged as a successful entrepreneur, a KOL, private and industry trainer, and influencer. At her Miami clinic, she’s both treating patients and training others, and she’s built a great reputation in a very busy market.

But, as she looked at the industry horizon, she made the bold move to start allocating her time to a project that has become an overnight sensation, and it’s only getting started! Since unveiling FA, they’ve launched a handful of their 30+ sayings on merchandise like cropped sweaters, hats, tees, mouse pads, bags and more! With the competition growing more fierce, Limor says she’s sure of two things- Fillers Anonymous is an income stream she hopes to build into a business that rivals her clinic .And, she’s also a big proponent of AI and the concept of working smarter, and using way smarter tools. She touches on how AI has changed her own way of work, and she shares her goal to launch a full AI class for aesthetics. Fingers crossed!

Next we sit down with Lauren Taylor DeJohn, CEO & Founder of The Limited Agency now in Dallas, TX. Lauren Taylor or “LT” has quickly built a name for herself as the creative mastermind behind several of our favorite Injector influencers. She approaches brand management, social media presence, content curation and making a digital impact in much the same way as an injector augmenting a face- with a careful blend of science and art.

We talk about how she manages high-profile clients and becomes a unified part of their brand voice. What’s the goal- is it brand awareness, booking patients, expanding influence or just growing a following? In any case, it’s authenticity and consistency! She talks about what it’s like to work on location with her clients and mastermind what’s happening behind the scenes to deliver the right content via the right channel at the right time. She shares a few key insights that can really impact your success with social from consistently posting to finding the right kind of content to achieve your goal. She also takes us through how to look at an event, even one as big as AN 5.0, and decide what matters, what will play well on social, and where to spend your time capturing content.

Learn more about Limor and LT:
Fillers Anonymous: ⁠www.fillersanyonymous.com⁠
The Clinic USA: ⁠https://www.theclinic.us/⁠
The Limited Agency: ⁠www.thelimitedagency.co

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