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Episode 79: The Best Kept Secret in Aesthetic Training


with Kelly Hermans, CRNA

For The Record Podcast with Kelly Hermans, CRNA

We’re sharing the best kept secret in Aesthetics this week and pulling the curtain back on the 2023 Nexties winner for Training Institution of the Year, Beautiphi Academy & its founder, Kelly Hermans, CRNA. Based in Rochester Hill, MI, Kelly is on a mission to empower new injectors and business owners with her training academy, and Kelly and her team are also simultaneously delivering a high-touch patient experience and exceptional patient outcomes and at her medspa, Beautiphi Aesthetic Boutique.

Kelly was a practicing CRNA, but after some unexpected life events, she found herself in a unique position to dive headfirst into aesthetics. Like so many, when she decided to start her own practice, Kelly had more questions than answers. Over the next year, after a lot of digging and trial and error, Kelly found what she needed, and in 2018, Beautiphi opened. Her experience was a catalyst for building what would become Beautiphi Academy. As her success grew, fellow CRNAs across the US sought Kelly out for her advice and her help to start their own practices. Fast forward 6 years, and she has amassed a following of more than 700 trainees who are actively involved in the Beautiphi community.  There’s no better word to describe this close-knit group of entrepreneurs who are learning, sharing, and overcoming the challenges of owning a practice together. No gatekeeping, no drama, and no frills!

At the helm is of this group sits Kelly who is constantly advocating for lower pricing, more opportunities and better service from vendors across the industry, and it’s paid off. Beautiphi has become a well-oiled machine – Kelly finds the right vendors, handles the negotiations and then passes the benefits on to the community. Meanwhile, they all work together to share best practices, protocols, watchouts and successes among a curated list of products and services. Frankly, it’s genius, and it all started because Kelly found herself without a tribe and without access to the answers and the training she needed when she entered aesthetics.

Manufacturers have certainly taken notice of what Kelly’s built.  She’s a national educator for Merz, Aerolase, and Rohrer Aesthetics in addition to being a thought leader for Revance, and of course, Aesthetic Record & LeadAR! And, while all this is going on, she’s running a very busy practice where she and her 5 injectors and her staff are offering cutting-edge treatments and pouring into their patient relationships.

What you can’t help but love about Kelly is that she always shows up as her authentic self, and that means spending time where it’s most productive, even if it’s not popular. She’s not big on Instagram, she isn’t one for the glitz and glam, but what she IS focused on is working tirelessly to bring value to her Beautiphi community, to provide the best experience for her patients, and most importantly, to be a good mom and wife. That means showing her kids what it means to work hard, be ethical, and be someone others can depend on.  Even when others spend time stirring up drama and trying to drag her down, she’s remains steadfast in her commitment to prioritize what’s important and keep her head above the fray.

What she’s been able to build is truly remarkable, especially when you consider that she’s done it all exclusively with word-of-mouth advertising and referrals from existing trainees, a testament to the constant investment of her time and her passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs to build successful businesses.  Her community is 700 strong and growing day by day, and she’s not slowing down. Beautiphi Academy may be a best kept secret, but it is long overdue, as is Kelly,  for the recognition it and she deserves, and we are more than happy to share it!!!
Find out more about Kelly & Beautiphi:

Visit Beautiphi Aesthetic Boutique: ⁠www.Beautiphiyou.com⁠
Visit Beautiphi Academy: ⁠www.theBeautiphiAcademy.com
Follow Kelly on IG: ⁠www.instagram.com/the_aesthetic_anesthetist/⁠

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