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Episode 32: The Cloud Movement


Ignacio Fanlo

For The Record Podcast with Guest Ignacio Fanlo

This week, we’re heading to the technology stratosphere in The Cloud Movement with My Vansanity Founder & CEO, Ignacio Fanlo. He takes a deep dive into the latest innovation in Medspa ownership: a pay-as-you go model that allows solopreneurs to own their own business, have access to the latest and greatest products and devices, all without the upfront capital investment.

Iggy comes from a long career spanning investment banking & tech. He was in Silcon Valley during the rise of the internet and the “dot com bubble,” and he’s founded and sold companies to the tech giants along the way! Now, he’s bringing the cloud concept to aesthetics by giving Providers and Practice Owner the chance to use what they need, when they need it, and only pay for their utilization of Vansanity’s resources.

His company provides a one-stop-shop for Injectors to rent a fully stocked treatment room – medical supplies, product, energy devices- by the hour. There are in control of their own patients and marketing, and Vansanity helps them build their business with no up front capital! Iggy and the Vansanity team have spun the traditional brick-and-mortar idea on its head, leveraging what Iggy calls “utilization arbitrage.” And, he’s helping business owners bring this concept to their own locations, too! Vansanity has begun their outreach to Practice owners to build the same model – use Vansanity’s resources, transition their practices to an on-demand model, and pay based on consumption!

This cloud approach to Aesthetics benefits the Injector by eliminating fixed costs and radically reducing variable ones. And, it helps the Practice owner to increase their per-room utilization, reduce the HR burden, and reap the benefits of cost-reduction at scale. With locations in Dallas and Boston, Injectors are quickly finding the option to work when they want, on demand, and only pay for what the need as a wildly profitable way to operate.

It’s a revolution in our industry, but it’s become the status quo in the vacation rental, ride share, and salon industries. How long until we see it sweep the nation given the influx of new Providers entering the market? Listen and find out!

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