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E42: Just Push The Button


Lonny Green, MD

For The Record Podcast with Lonny Green, MD

Epside #42 features Rêvée Medical Aesthetics Founder, Medical Director and Aesthetic Injector, Lonny Green, MD.

Before he was known as the @ninjainjector, he spent twenty years as a Urologic Surgeon! After he began to explore additional ways to help women on their quest for health and wellness, he quickly realized that to do what he wanted to do, it may mean he had to venture out alone, outside of Urology to the field of Aesthetics.

What started out as a few days a week turned into what seems to be a true passion for Dr. Green- helping patients gain confidence, feel good in their own skin, and also receive high quality treatments from a well trained staff devoted to Patient needs. Over the course of his time as the entrepreurial force behind Revee, he’s hired a dedicated and talented staff, and he takes their training very seriously. He speaks to how he onboards his injectors and aestheticians to guarantee his Patients are in safe, qualified hands.

He’s quick to point out that he doesn’t just do filler and toxin. He delivers something so much more valuable: confidence. But in the midst of doing that, his team is also delivering for their community through philanthropic events and a “giving back” spirit. He’s not too caught up in traditional marketing channels, and instead, he lets his team’s investment in their community and word of mouth for happy Patients keep the chairs full!

In this episode, he talks about his coming of age with Instagram and how he’s stickler for showing the raw and the real everyday on the Gram. In his own words, the best way to do social is to “Just Push The Button.” And it’s working!

He’s also an avid learner and can be found at conferneces year round learning the last and greatest in Aesthetics. This year, he hopped on stage to share his own expertise and perspective as Faculty at Aesthetic Next 4.0, and he will be an AMI Trainer helping launch Volux in the US. What comes next for Dr, Green is a mix of training, growing his practice, and looking for opportunities to help injectors who are still struggling to perfect their technique. But most of all, he’s enjoying living the dream with a greatful heart for the new home he’s found here in aesthetics where he is continuing to evolve in his second act.

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