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Bernice Das
Skin Damsel Aesthetic
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David Belfiore
AUSTEX Wellness & Medical Spa
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Cheyanne Mallas, PA-C
The Private Suite LA
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Bryan Lavery, NP
My Face Lady


The_Art_of_Aesthetics (1)
The Art of Aesthetics
Patient_Consultations_Conversions_in_a_Post_Covid_World (1)

Patient Consultations & Conversions in a Post-Covid World

Create_New_Revenue_by_Implementing_IV_Therapy_in_Your_Practice (1)

Create New Revenue by Implementing IV Therapy in Your Practice


Create a Step-by-Step Practice Workflow to Keep Your Employees & Patients Safe

Embracing_Telehealth_and_Creating_a_Virtual_Community (1)

Embracing Telehealth & Creating a Virtual Community

How_to_Grow_Your_Professional_Brand_and_Have_Fun_Doing_It (1)

How to Grow Your Professional Brand & Have Fun Doing It

50_Shades_of_Brown_Treating_Skin_of_Color_and_Insights_on_the_Market (1)

50 Shades of Brown: Treating Skin of Color & Insights on the Market

Clinical_Photograghy_Best_Practices (1)

Clinical Photograghy Best Practices

Mastering_Your_Provider_Flow_From_Patient_Check_in_to_Check_Out (1)

Mastering Your Provider Flow From Patient Check in to Check Out

Generate_Revenue_Develop_Authority_and_Maintain_Relationship (1)

Generate Revenue, Develop Authority & Maintain Relationship

Creating_a_Post_Covid_19_Financial_Strategy_for_Your_Clinic (1)

Creating a Post-Covid 19 Financial Strategy for Your Clinic

My_Top_Ten_Aesthetic_Record_Must_Haves (1)

My Top Ten Aesthetic Record Must Haves

Vendor Spotlights

Pivoting_Your_Practice_with_Kim_Pezzetti (1)

Pivoting Your Practice with Kim Pezzetti

Total_Protection_The_Science_of_Protecting_Skin_from_All_Enviromental_Factors (1)

Total Protection:
The Science of Protecting Skin from All Enviromental Factors

2021_Medical_Spa_Insights_with_Warren_Danforth (1)

2021 Medical Spa Insights with Warren Danforth

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