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Our basic version of AR for people who are just getting started.

30 day free trial


Basic features:

  • Document unlimited electronic health records
  • Super advance scheduling & online booking portal
  • Patient communications, surveys & marketing
  • High quality mobile medical photography
  • Inventory & stock control
  • Restricted to 1 User & 2GB data storage
  • 300 Emails & 100 SMS during the free trial


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Powerful enough to run your entire business.



Everything in Basic, plus:

    • Point of sale, billing & invoicing
    • Advanced report builder
    • Unlimited users
    • Priority support
    • 300 Emails & 100 SMS per active user per month*
    • 2GB data store per active user per month*



Fair Billing Policy

We believe you should only have to pay for users that are actively using Aesthetic Record.

  • You’ll only be charged for users that are active on Aesthetic Record
  • If all users become inactive, you will be charged for a minimum of one user
  • Any changes to the number of active users will be reflected in your monthly statement

Fair Billing Policy - How it works

If you add new users partway through the billing cycle, we’ll only charge for the cost of the time used. We’ll keep track of this for you, and bill you at the end of each month.

Let’s say it costs $12 per user per month. You add a new user 10 days into your billing period, leaving 20 days remaining in the month.

The prorated subscription cost is calculated by dividing the cost per user ($12) by the number of days in the month (30) and multiplying it by the number of days remaining (20), which gives us the prorated subscription cost for the remainder of that billing period: $8

Do I have to be in the USA to use Aesthetic Record?

You can use AR regardless of what country you are in. Our system is customizable once you get inside, that means that you can customize forms, inventory, services etc in the language of your choice.

Is Aesthetic Record HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, Aesthetic Record meets all the requirements for HIPAA.

How much storage do I need on my iPad?

Aesthetic Record is a cloud based EMR, therefore items are not stored locally on the iPad.