Aesthetic electronic medical records management, without hassle.

No credit card required nor software installation.



Everything you need to bring Aesthetic Record to life.

  • ar-client-profileClient Profile
  • ar-book-appointmentsAppointments
  • ar-sales-invoice-disclaimer-textSales Invoice Disclaimer
  • ar-add-inventoryInventory
  • ar-build-custom-reportsCustom Reports
  • ar-create-surveysSurvey


Synchronize and integrate with other tools.

  • integrate-pos-ar-emrPoint Of Sale (POS)
  • bank-card-reader-ar-emrCredit Card Reader
  • google-calendar-sync-ar-emrGoogle Calender Sync


Check and monitor ongoing activities instantly.

  • dashboard-ar-emrAnalytics Dashboard
  • sales-reports-ar-emrSales Reports
  • sales-invoices-ar-emrSales Invoices
  • cash-drawer-ar-emrSales Cash Drawer
  • assign-sales-targets-ar-emrOffice Sales Goals
  • survey-stats-insights-ar-emrSurvey Stats and Insights
  • procedure-audits-ar-emrProvider’s Room


Manage communications, POS, and users comfortably and securely.

  • admin-info-arAccount Information
  • multiple-clinics-manageManage Your Clinic
  • appointment-communicationsAppointments
  • ar-membership-wallet-settingsMembership and Wallet
  • add-multiple-users-emrTeammates

How it works

Aesthetic Record makes it easier to work together and make records of your medical practice.


Private and secure medical records, across devices.

The EMR protects patients’ sensitive data and processes them in compliance with the latest HIPAA standards and GDPR guidelines.

By storing the information on cloud servers, Aesthetic Record prevents data loss and ensures utmost security and privacy.

Any information within Aesthetic Record EMR can only be accessed by authorized personnel and devices using two-factor authentication (2FA).

This added layer of protection requires a one-time temporary password on top of the primary one.


Faster appointment scheduling, with Google calendar synchronizing.

Reserve bookings by creating appointments. You or your clients could also leverage smart bookings and schedule appointments quicker than ever before.

Google calendar synchronize will allow you to view appointments across all devices on the go.


Sales tracking, with inventory management.

Grow your business and lessen your stress with this easy to use Aesthetic clinic app. View simplified yet detailed reports of various sales activities such as net sales, payment methods, specific employee sales, items sold and much more.

Conveniently monitor your products, discount packages, product categories at all times so that you are fully stocked and capable of meeting your client’s demands.

The inventory is customizable with multiple options for branded icons, descriptions, supplier information, and product status.


Collaborate procedure audits, in real-time.

Consult your peers and clinical leads easily. Patient photos can be shared when you need help with an assessment or procedure, stored for documentation of Before and Afters or reviewed periodically to compare the results against the overall treatment plan.


Prevent fraudulent payments, with 3D secure.

Uses an additional layer of authentication that protects you from liability for fraudulent card payments at the point of sale terminals.


Try Aesthetic Record EMR, for FREE.

No software installation chaos, No credit card required.

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