Sales Reports

The reports are generated automatically based on the sales operations of your business.

sales-summary Sales Summary

Generates gross and net sales statement.

monthly-net-sales Monthly Net Sales

Net sales containing multiple clinic stats.

employee-sale Employee Sales

Allows you to view revenue generated, employee specific.

taxes Taxes

View sales tax amount collected based on multiple clinics.

item-sales Item Sales

Visualise your best selling products and revenue amounts generated through them.

payment-methods Payment Methods

View stats based on methods of payments used, collected amount and number of transactions occurred.

discounts Discounts

Preview discounts on sales offered, the value of those discounts and frequency.

category-sales Category Sales

Visualise best selling product categories and revenue amounts generated through them.

cost-to-company Cost to Company

View business costs incurred based on sold items.

commission-report Commission Report

View commission amount collected by specific employees.

short-term-liability Short Term Liability

View liability amount incurred towards the business.

egift-cards e-Gift Cards

View e-gift cards redeemed during the sales cycle.